A practical use case for a JavaScript Proxy

June 28, 2019
Until now I never came across a use case for a JavaScript Proxy. In this case I'm using it to make all keys to access an object case insensitive.

Service workers considered harmful

November 17, 2018
Service workers are an exciting new technology but they should not be used thoughtless as they can do great damage to your site if used incorrect.

Learning from unfinished projects

September 09, 2018
Unfinished projects are not wasted time. You can still learn from them. Read more about why.

Start doing things different

January 05, 2018
Instead of having specific resolutions for 2018 I decided I want to try to tackle some things differently to make it easier to succeed and feel happier doing it. This is about what I'm going to change.

Let's Encrypt certificate renewal with nginx

August 11, 2017
Recently I struggled setting up Let's Encrypt certificate renewal with nginx. It would not authorize due to HTTPS redirection. This is how I fixed it.

Process images with webpack

June 09, 2017
Images should be optimized as good as possible. This post describes image processing with webpack and how it differs from gulp, Grunt and similar tools.

Creating a Telegraf middleware for command arguments parsing

January 04, 2017
Telegraf does not offer any command arguments parsing. This post explains how to implement a simple middleware for this task.

Handle clicks outside of React components

October 18, 2016
Sometimes it's useful to detect clicks outside of a React component. Learn how to achieve this by attaching an native event handler to the document.

Recap code.talks 2016

October 13, 2016
This year in September it was all about popcorn, nachos and code again. This is a recap of the code.talks 2016 conference and the best talks I attended.

Using tree to picture folder structures

October 09, 2016
This article explains how to easily picture your projects folder structure using the command line programm tree for unix systems.

Up and running

October 08, 2016
Announcing my new blog and website! After years of unsatisfying approaches and several restarts I can present a result I'm happy with.

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