Lars Graubner

I'm building Apps with React Native at checkdomain and idearockers.
Lars Graubner


Hi, I'm Lars. I'm a Front-end developer from Germany focusing on React, React Native and Node.js.

The web is my playground. I love to learn new things. My goal is to write clean and maintainable code to create great apps and websites. Originally, I started my career in an advertising agency, but over time, I was more drawn to larger and more complex projects. That's my job and passion today.

You can find some of my code on Github, check my CV on LinkedIn, follow my thoughts on Twitter or read articles on my Blog. When I'm not coding, I usually spend time with my family at the sea or somewhere else outside.

What drives me

I admire good user experience and love to share what I've created.

Thats why I love to work with great designers. Combined with well-thought-out code, this results in the best possible user experience. Even though I'm not a designer I think I can say that I have a good eye for design.

Much of the internet uses open source code, which was contributed by all sorts of people in their spare time. That's why whenever possible I try to give something back. One of my more popular open source projects is a package called sitemap-generator.