In case you are interested in what tools and apps I use, here is a list. Some things might change frequently, but I try to keep this list up to date.

If you think something is missing don't hesitate to write me a mail.

I'm using a Mac Book Pro 2017 therefore all software below might (but don't have to) be MacOS specific.


  • Visual Studio Code is my editor of choice. It's fast, highly customizable and I really like working with it.
  • I'm using the Night Owl theme from @sarah_edo. It provides good contrast and looks great.
  • My font is "Menlo". It works fine for me, but I'm thinking of purchasing Dank Mono which looks awesome.
  • If I'm doing stuff with PHP I prefer PhpStorm, because it's integration is the best.


  • Currently I'm using iTerm 2. I tried Hyper a while ago, but I had noticable delays when typing which was annoying. I might have to check it out again as it improved alot I heard.
  • My terminal is running on ZSH with the Spaceship prompt. I don't use Oh My Zsh because I find it too bloated and too much magic I don't control.
  • I also maintain my own dotfiles which you can find on Github. I'm always trying to find the best compromise between automation, maintainability and flexibility.

This website

  • I'm totally into static site generators. It just makes the most sense for a site like this. I'm using GatsbyJS (which uses React) which is awesome. It provides a progressive web app out of the box and it's a breeze to create new sites.
  • For styling I'm using styled-components. I think this is the best CSS-in-JS library out there.
  • The whole thing is hosted on Netlify. It's very fast as it's basicly just a CDN. They are doing an awesome job and it's free.

You can find the source code of this website on Github.