Up and running

I’m proud to announce my new blog and website! 🎉 After years of unsatisfying approaches and several restarts I can present a result I’m happy with.

To represent myself in the world wide web I always wanted to built a website for myself. I found this quite difficult as I’m always striving for perfection. A lot of approaches have been made, but at some point I always were unsure about the design or the technology used and threw it away.

How it’s build

For this site I’m using WordPress as CMS. WordPress is very solid in terms of long term support, mature and always under active development. There are tons of plugins for any task and documentation is splendid.

In the past I gave the static site generator Jekyll a try. It is quite nice and easy to use, but in the end I found myself reinventing the wheel for simple things like SEO tasks. Plugins are rare and often not up to date. As I worked a while with Contao I also tried to get a site running with it. In general it works great as this is a great CMS, but the documentation is not as good as WordPress and for blogging purposes this isn’t the best option.

Therefore I’m using WordPress which I’m quite familiar with. It helps me to focus on content and features instead of basic tasks.

I tried to create a clean layout focusing on the content and a good reading experience. I’m a big fan of minimalist approaches. Aside of this I try to optimize for speed a lot reducing unnecessary requests and use extensive caching. For hosting I’m using Digital Ocean* as it’s very easy to use and manage.

* Affiliate link, supports my costs hosting this blog.

What I’m blogging about

This blog will be about anything I encounter daily as developer. This may be problems I had to solve, best practices, conferences and more. My focus lies on several front-end topics such as JavaScript, React and speed optimization, but are not limited to this. Especially I’m excited to write about new things I’m learning and share the experience with you.

Coming soon

I have several more Features in mind for this site which will come soon. This is the so called minimum viable product serving you the most important part: The content. This will be my playground to test out cutting edge technology and writing about it. Stay tuned!


As of now this blog is powered by Hugo, a static site generator written in Go. It’s amazingly fast and has everything you need builtin. Wordpress had too much overhead in terms of deployment, database and development environment. Now it’s much simpler to build and deploy, couldn’t be happier.

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