Lars Graubner

How to use links in Symfony translations

When dealing with translations it's sometimes necessary to put a link inside a paragraph or sentence. As far as I know there is no standard way to do this. Certain StackOverflow Answers suggest putting HTML Markup inside the translation filter options and other weird stuff.

My approach is as follows: One familiar way of dealing with links in text can be found in mardown. It's easy to understand and can be feeded with a single variable, the final link.

The following is a translation example using a Markdown link and is placed under translations/messages.en.yaml (my translations are stored as YAML files with translation keys):

terms: By registering, I agree to the [Terms and Conditions](%link_terms%).

This can be used in Twig like this:

{{ 'register.terms'|trans({
'%link_terms%': '',
}) }}


This is easy to understand and use so far, but one crucial piece is missing: The Markdown syntax is not replaced, yet.

Twig has a markdown_to_html filter, but this has two downsides. First this requires an extra Twig bundle (twig/extra-bundle) and a Markdown parsing bundle. Thats quite heavy just for some simple links, if not used elsewhere. Second downside is, that it will also add surrounding <p> tags to the whole translation, which might not be wanted.

One easy to implement solution is writing a custom Twig filter for transforming Markdown links to proper HTML. My implementation looks like this:



namespace App\Twig;

use Twig\Extension\AbstractExtension;
use Twig\TwigFilter;

class StringExtension extends AbstractExtension
public function getFilters()
return [
new TwigFilter('app_linkify', [$this, 'linkfy'], [
'pre_escape' => 'html',
'is_safe' => ['html'],

public function linkfy($str)
return preg_replace('/\[([^\[]+)\]\((.+?)\)/', '<a href="$2">$1</a>', $str);

Important here is the pre_escape option, which escapes the input and prevents security issues. The second option is_safe is the equivalent to the raw filter and required to output the link as HTML.

If everything is in place it can be used like this for our example above:

{{ 'terms'|trans({
'%link_terms%': '',
})|app_linkify }}


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