Start doing things different

The year 2018 started a couple days ago and, you probably noticed, comes together with a new layout for this site. For this year I don’t have any specific resolutions but I decided I want to try to tackle some things differently to make it easier to succeed and feel happier doing it.

New site

First of all I remade this site. Again. This site is now powered by Gatsby instead of Hugo. Hugo is awesome and very fast, but dealing with Golang templates doesn’t feel familiar. I had to look things up constantly. Gatsby on the other hand is using JavaScript and React behind the scenes. As I’m working with that all day this feels much easier to work with. Hopefully it helps me to focus on new content instead of dealing with the technology behind the scenes.

Gatsby is a static website generator as well but thinks ahead. All pages are static, but after visiting the first page react-router takes over and everything is dynamic. Paired with a ServiceWorker and more modern techniques it is more like an app and very fast out of the box. I don’t want to go into detail here, but Gatsby is really worth checking out. There are some minor problems as it is not that mature yet but I didn’t came across anything preventing me to ship it. Speaking about shipping I’m coming to my first resolution I want to do different in 2018.

Just ship it

I already heard and read a lot about shipping early and struggled to do so. I’m kind of a perfectionist and always want to make things perfect before publishing it. That’s often preventing me from shipping a new project as most things are never really finished and I have no deadlines pushing me.

When rebuilding this site I was in a similar situation. The basic things you would expect from a blog were working and looked fine. Just some Open Graph Tags were missing, the text on the homepage was not perfect (it still isn’t) and the RSS feed was broken. I found myself postponing the launch as there were always some minor problems which had to be fixed. One day I just said “fuck it” and published the site. From user perspective everything was (nearly) fine. Visitors could read my about me text and browse through my blog posts. Some Google robots may have been angry with me as the link structure was not ideal, but who cares? Result is the relaunched site is up since last year and I’m working off tasks left to do. Suddenly some things doesn’t even seem to be worth doing anymore.

Everything matters

As stated above one reason to switch to Gatsby was focusing more on content instead of the technology stack behind it. Even though I love to tinker around with different solutions my main goal is to create new content. In the past I was often uncertain of which content was worth publishing. It became clear to me that everything is. All kind of information is useful for someone and even if not, who cares? Of course I still want to keep things relevant and informative, don’t worry.

Beside this mindset I decided to share my personal thoughts and opinions on things happening in the tech world more often. The post you are reading is the first of that kind. I believe I have to share a lot of interesting thoughts.

Let’s go

I’m very excited and motivated to get the year 2018 started and realize new projects. I’m also confident I found a solid base with Gatsby and won’t start to rebuild this site with a new technology in the near future. With the principles I’m trying to follow I’m planning to publish a lot more blog posts. Stay tuned!

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